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Posted 02-09-10

The USDA has announced that NAIS is no longer alive under the name of NAIS... The new name will more then likely be Animal Disease Traceability. The name needs to go along the same line as what the UN-OIE is promoting. To tag and trace every thing.  The key word is to harmonize the world.
I will be keeping this site up and just add another page called Animal Disease Traceability that will house all the New and so called improved program. Please be aware NAIS is not officially dead as long as tax payers money keeps rolling into the already bankrupt states who will gladly accept any and  all donations from the Federal Government.

Read the USDA documents in order to fully understand the National Animal Identification System..... Trusting what the USDA, Your State Ag or State Vet has to say will net you a Federal Premises Identification number on your private property. Ask them for all the documents so you can read the on going contract.
The NAIS is a 3 step phased in program
1: Federal Premises Identification Number-PIN
Anyone who houses livestock
2: Animal Identification with ISO RFID 117784/11785 tag or injectable chip-AIN
Any livestock which leaves your property must be identified
3: Animal Tracking
Any livestock that leaves your property and commingles must be reported
In Public Disclosure NAIS is a "Living Document" always changing so nobody will ever know what they are volunteering or signing up to do!


This tactic may sound reasonable until you realize that the dedicated "STAKEHOLDER GROUP" that organizes and oversees local transformation IS NOT ELECTED BY THE PUBLIC and the people selected.


"The last hope of human liberty in this world rests on us. . . . If we move in mass, be it ever so circuitously, we shall attain our object; but if we break into squads, every one pursuing the path he thinks most direct, we become an easy conquest to those who can now barely hold us in check.  USDA Quote " There is power in numbers"


Read the Official USDA Documents on the National Animal Identification System: Then Read the Rules and Regulations you will have to live with Under the Animal Health Protection Act when you sign up "Voluntarily" with a capital V!
No Mis-information, No Half Truths, No Mis Understanding, Just facts taken from the USDA "Plans"
Under The Animal Health Protection Act, One slip up on your part can net you 1 year in Jail with a $50,000.00 up to a $500,000.00 fine!
Read the Fourth Component: by Darol Dickinson This is the part that the USDA doesn't talk about!! See article under Hot Alerts


On the cover of the NAIS User Guide it States, http://animalid.aphis.usda.gov/nais/naislibrary/userguide.shtml 
The November 2006 Guide is the most current plan for NAIS and replaces all previously published program documents, including the 2005 Draft Strategic Plan and Draft Program Standards and the 2006 Implementation Strategies. With the  small amount of information that is written  below clearly demonstrates that the USDA, the State Vets and the state USDA are misinforming the citizens again.  They have full intentions to make the NAIS mandatory with a capital M!!

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All NAIS Documents are under the USDA documents and are ready for downloading

2007 Cooperative Agreement
On Page 4 in the CA  "Who said it is Voluntary" ?
As a voluntary effort, full implementation of the NAIS will be achieved as a phased-in plan, emphasizing premises registration as the foundation of the system. USDA's intent of 100% participation! 
On Page 5 in the CA: Benchmarks
The work plan must also include specific goals of achievement (measurable outcomes) regarding premises registration efforts. In addition to projected numbers  of premises registered, performance may also include to document effort and productivity such as number of meetings conducted: number of  producers/owners contacted: outcomes associated with animal identification coordinating  committees: outreach materials disributed: mass mailing results: cooperative extension programming outcomes, including NAIS funded and unfunded cooperative extention efforts: and  use of promotional incentives to register premises. Measurable outcome(s) for FY 2007 NAIS Implementation Cooperative Agreement funding, including premises registration, among others, is/are to be emphasized over measurable outputs (what was accomplished is to be prioritized over what was done and documented in quarterly and final reports).
On Page 6 in the CA: Coercion at Market Entry Points
"States will be responsible for selecting cooperating livestock markets and dealers in their State and coordinating support, including documentation of performance for required reports."
The Document also includes suggesting "integrating"  premises information from existing programs into the NAIS "voluntarily registered" database and financial or other prizes for those who register and for "cooperating" livestock markets- who then force their producers to register in order to sell their livestock. 
On page 11 in the CA
Projects must focus on implementation of premises and animal identification methods according to the standards defined in the NAIS Draft Program Standards
on page 16 in the CA
"Provide a brief overview of the work to be performed and how the plan builds upon the 2005 or 2006 cooperative agreement plan. Also, explain how this plan will support the timelines for full implementation of NAIS as outlined in the draft strategic plan.
This means the USDA has all intentions of following the Draft Strategic plan.
More truth from the documents:
On page 8  of the "NAIS DRAFT  STRATEGIC PLAN"
Transition from Voluntary to Mandatory - Phased in Approach
The NAIS will be established gradually through the intregration of these Key components: Premises Identification, Animal Identification , Animal Tracking
On Page 21 and 22 in the "NAIS DRAFT STRATEGIC PLAN"
The 'Plan " is following  the the Guidelines issued in the 2007 State Cooperative Agreement. 
1: Acquire Resources   via the State Cooperative Agreements - funding - DONE
2: Develope Regulations, Policies and Guidelines: -DONE
3: Develope Information Systems- On going
4: Input, Outreach , and Training- Done and on going
Measuring  Success: three Measures
1: Annual test excercises - OnGoing
2: Milestones are listed in each states Cooperative Agreement:
Fiscal Quarter                         Report Date
1 January-31 March              30 April
1 April-30 June                       31 July
1 July-30 September             31 October
1 October-31 December        31 January
Final  Report                            90 days after Agreement expires
Financial Reports are due  as the same dates above
3: Stages of developement

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Click to join Americans_Against_NAIS

Premises Registration will be an "Official" USDA unique seven Character identifier.
In the New User Guide it states on Page 22:
The premises identification number (PIN) is assigned permanently to a geophysical location. If an owner or entity sells his/her farm, the next operators of the premises use the original premises identification number that had been
assigned to that location. If the seller buys a new location to build a new operation that never had livestock, he/she would register that location and obtain a new premises identification number (PIN).

Premises Identification = Encumbrance

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