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TENNESSEE LAUNCHES EQUINE PASSPORT PROGRAM But in order to have a passport you will have to have a Premises ID
Equine Passport does carry with it civil penalties  or criminal prosecution.
Violation of any requirement of the passport program are subject to the laws of the state where the violation occurs and may range from immediate return to the state of origin of revocation of the permit with civil penalties or criminal prosecution.
Along with the passport equine owners will get an $10.00 incentive (credit) for Microchipping. Permit Fee is $5.00

To qualify for the credit or to apply for a passport, premises where horses are kept must be registered with the Department of Agriculture for the National Animal Identification System. Registering livestock premises is free and can be done at Extension, Farm Service Agency, Farm Bureau or Co-op locations across the state or by downloading the one-page form at www.tennessee.gov/agriculture/tpis.

WARNING:  Before you chip any pet read about RFID and Cancer....

Equine Passport Download

More incentives if you register for Premises ID first.....

Tennessee farmers looking to improve hay quality and better-manage forage resources can take advantage of a boost in state dollars for the Tennessee Agricultural Enhancement Program.

Beginning Monday, cattle and hay producers can apply for 35 percent cost share assistance, up to $3,500, toward the construction of a new hay storage structure, or additions to existing structures.

Building sites must be well-drained and meet minimum specifications recommended by the University of Tennessee Extension Service.

"Applications must include a project budget with cost quotes, so anyone who expects to apply should go ahead and get an estimate in hand and be ready to mail in their application no earlier than (Monday)," state Agriculture Commissioner Ken Givens said in prepared comments.

To be eligible, Tennessee farmers must operate a farm or agribusiness in the state with at least 10 head of cattle or 50 acres of hay production.

Producers with livestock must also register their premises with the National Animal Identification System.

Livestock premises can be registered at most Farm Service Agency, UT Extension, Farm Bureau or Co-op locations, or online at www.tennessee.gov/agriculture/tpis .

For more information about TAEP, call (615) 837-5323, e-mail Hay.Storage@state.tn.us or visit online at www.picktnproducts.org

Please read the 'Official' USDA Docs before signing up to premises ID

If you click through picktnproducts.org you will find your way to this page http://www.tennessee.gov/agriculture/enhancement/hay.html where it says

Applicants with livestock must register their premises with the Tennessee Department of Agriculture (TDA) for the National Animal Identification Program. Applicants can register their livestock premises at Farm Service Agency, UT Extension, Farm Bureau or Tennessee Farmers Co-op locations. Premise registration forms and instructions are also available from TDA on-line at www.tennessee.gov/agriculture/tpis or by calling (615) 837-5120

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Premises Registration will be an "Official" USDA unique seven Character identifier.
In the New User Guide it states on Page 22:
The premises identification number (PIN) is assigned permanently to a geophysical location. If an owner or entity sells his/her farm, the next operators of the premises use the original premises identification number that had been
assigned to that location. If the seller buys a new location to build a new operation that never had livestock, he/she would register that location and obtain a new premises identification number (PIN).

Premises Identification = Encumbrance

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