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Just where in the Veterinarian's Oath does it say that it will help the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT to take property for an incentive or to report sightings to the USDA ? 

Do you think it could be in the hidden text that states, skills for the benefit of society? Its certainly not in this part I will practice my profession conscientiously, with dignity

Veterinarian's Oath

Being admitted to the profession of veterinary medicine, I solemnly swear to use my scientific knowledge and skills for the benefit of society through the protection of animal health, the relief of animal suffering, the conservation of livestock resources, the promotion of public health and the advancement of medical knowledge.

I will practice my profession conscientiously, with dignity and in keeping with the principles of veterinary medical ethics.

I accept as a lifelong obligation the continual improvement of my professional knowledge and competence.

Draft Program Standards Page 13
Under event Code #9: Sighting-animal a confirmed sighting at a location, No movement has occured ( ex: Veternarian sighting)

Posted 07-14-07
Washington State Vets are taking incentives to register your premises.... $10.00 for each Premises Registered.... Now what better way to get a premises registered then by your "Trusted" vet. Before you sign up with your "Trusted" vet read the "Official " Documents.
Want proof?  

I live in WI, (mandatory ID) and I just had one of my Illinois vets
(no madatory ID) inform me that he had to get my premise ID number to
send in some bloodwork on one of my goats. This was not my usual vet
though who is VERY familiar with my position on NAIS.

Welllll, he sure figured out in a big fat hurry that he had pushed
the WRONG botton! When I was done chewing him up and spitting him
out, as well as asking him to return my goats blood, he thought he
could check into sending the sample to Illinois instead of WI.
I informed him that if he wanted to deny me services because of my
refusal to hand over a number that I did not apply for (but I seem to
have gotten anyway) that was his right, just as it was my right to
not use their services any longer.
And so it begins....
The funny thing is that I could find no reference to denial of
service for non-compliance on the Wisconsin Livestock Concortium
website. Maybe I just missed it.

A statement from a Proffessional Kuddo;s for having the guts to say it.
I do own horses and know how to care for them. I have also studied the
NAIS DRAFT STRATEGIC PLAN and DRAFT STANDARDS. So I think my comments should be heeded or do your own research and study but do not sign up without making your own assessment of the program before hand.

NAIS is not a good thing for this country.
1. I resent that my animals are considered the NATIONAL HERD and that I am a STAKEHOLDER not an owner;
3. the GPS PREMISES ID'S (they do not tell you that the government will be able to license you to raise livestock when you sign up);
4. the $1000/day fines for non-compliance
with no way to defend yourself from alligations;
5. that VETS will lose their license to practice if they don't report you for non-compliance;
6. that the goal of NAIS is animal DEPOPULATION;
7.that the Feds and States have very adequate laws for disease control on the books NOW and THEY HAVE BEEN WORKING so NAIS is a duplication;
8. that the Aussies have had their form of it (NLIS) with cattle for 3 yrs. now and they hate it (11 million phantom cattle, if your and the national data base
do not agree you get docked heavily at the sale barn and may lose your
right to breed cattle), 9. that the RFID tags malfunction and the older
methods of ID have to be used;
10. that things like the hog farm raids in Virginia will become common
place (check out NONAIS.org for more information) and that the program
comes from the UN AGENDA 21, WTO and OIE via our so-called trade
11. that the RFID tags have caused infections, cancer etc. in animals to even death.

CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS (1,4,5 & 14) without a fight.

Name removed
DVM Okla

If you feel this Vet is not stating the "TRUTH" then you have not read the Animal Health Protection Act or the USDA's Documents nor have you followed the State Laws that are now being disscussed or passed.
What ever happened to our rights as Americans to grow our own food without government  interference? Right now I am more afraid of the gov't programs esp. NAIS, Paws, RealID and Codex than I am of all the diseases listed to  be controlled and the terrorists. This is a redundant program as  there are already laws on the books and the vets have found all the  sources of diseases quite readily in the past. And the best way to
control diseases from entering our country is to secure our ports and
borders, not penalize the American citizens.
I can see that this will be a horribly expensive program and many
people will not be able to continue as they have in the past. This
will give control of our food supply to the mega-multinational
agriculture companies and this really petrifies me as their records
are not sterling. If we implement this plan we will be falling into
the hands of the World Trade Union and the UN. I personally do not
want to eat anything these companies produce or use anything they
manufacture as it seems their morals are that of tomcats or Ex.
Monsanto and Agent Orange, GMO's, Round Up and many more items they  have produced and gotten approved that is hurting our country and the  world. Let's not lessen their liability for wrong doing and NAIS will
do that. I am afraid the small producer will be blamed for the E.
coli etc. infections of the feedlot/slaughter house origins. 
There is no stipulation about vaccinating or testing the herd of
animals in question when a disease has been detected or herds
surrounding the herd where disease was found. My brother told me of a
couple that had a large herd of elk. They brought in a bull from 
Wyoming that tested positive for chronic wasting disease. When the
gov't got through with the herd it had been killed off and buried
(only 3 animals were positive) and the bill to the owners was
$200,000. I think this is wrong, but so is monopoly and usery and our
gov't is letting big companies get away with those too.
Another item that concerns me about the program is the unwarranted
inspections. Not only do I think this is unamerican I have known goat
owners to have their herds infected by government vets doing the
inspections. I want to make sure their bodies, clothes, boots, cars
and equipment are all disinfected before they step foot on my place.
I have gone to great lengths to avoid disease in my herd and would be
extremely unhappy if some government lacky should bring one in.
There are other parts of the program I disagree with but for now I
 will not go into them. Please be assured the people that have read
 the Strategic Plan and Standards are not happy with the wording and
 general construction of the plan.
 It gives too much leeway to the big producers and restricts the
 small breeders/homesteaders too much. There is no stipulation for
 RFID tag/microchip failure, the 24 hr reporting of an animal death,
 birth or leaving the premise for any reason is overkill. Plus,
 requiring your vet or neighbor to report you for a loose animal or
 tag not functioning sounds to me like Nazi Germany under Hilter. So
 with the Class C Misdemeanor which is $1000./day for non compliance.
Please read the USDA's programs and let me know if I am not correct
 on my interpretation. To find all the information use http://NONAIS.org
you can find links to all the info. you will need to form your own
opinion. I thank you for listening.
 Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

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Premises Registration will be an "Official" USDA unique seven Character identifier.
In the New User Guide it states on Page 22:
The premises identification number (PIN) is assigned permanently to a geophysical location. If an owner or entity sells his/her farm, the next operators of the premises use the original premises identification number that had been
assigned to that location. If the seller buys a new location to build a new operation that never had livestock, he/she would register that location and obtain a new premises identification number (PIN).

Premises Identification = Encumbrance

Proud member
                                    of the Read the Bills Act Coalition

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