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Why is the National and State Farm Bureau's so intent on giving away your "Constitutional Rights"? 
Freedom of Speech is under attack by the Farm Bureau!!!! Bob Parker fired for telling the "Truth"

Missouri Governor Matt Blunt signed a bill into law today that he says will ensure Missouri agriculture continues to thrive.

Senate Bill 931 is the first collective agriculture bill to pass the General Assembly in three years. Prohibiting the Missouri Department of Agriculture from making the USDA National Animal Identification System mandatory and creating a program to provide loan assistance for student veterinarians interested in large animal medicine are two key features.

An Open Letter to our elected officials Missouri House of Representatives, Missouri Senate, Governor Matt Blunt

January 29, 2008 By Bob Parker, Texas County Missouri

Dear Legislators and Governor Blunt,

As a very concerned cattle producer in Missouri I am writing to voice my horror in what is happening on the Federal Level and in every State in this Union. USDA along with Farm Bureau and Big Ag interests, as well as Technology companies such as Veri-chip and Digital Angel, [See the membership list of NIAA] have conspired together to create the ultimate regulatory monster called The National Animal Identification System, or NAIS. As a member of Missouri Farm Bureau I was horrified to see that Missouri Farm Bureau President Charles Kruse sent a letter to USDA [July of 2005] saying that MOFB was supportive of a mandatory NAIS and that MOFB also supported the NAIS program going mandatory, this letter said in part;

[ We believe a mandatory Identification program will ultimately be necessary…] [all livestock species listed should be included…[29 species] [The suggested timeline for implementing NAIS is realistic ] MOFB letter July 6,2005

Note; The latest Document on NAIS, the 2008 NAIS business plan, states on page 41 that the 2005 NAIS draft plan that Mr. Kruse was commenting on “ remains the catalyst to achieve a uniform system nationwide and, on occasion, are added to.” In other words, the ’05 draft plan is still the foundation of NAIS.

Believe me, the last thing Charles Kruse wants is for you and Farm Bureau’s members to know about this letter and their involvement in pushing NAIS. Most members I know of that have seen this letter have left Missouri Farm Bureau. I was personally voted off my FB board in Texas County before I could show my other board members this letter after speaking out about it. This letter does not involve the grassroots, they didn’t even know about it or the details of NAIS and most still don’t! I was going to inform the members of this at the annual meeting but was removed so that couldn’t happen. So much for grassroots!

To read more about the expulsion go to;


NAIS includes not only forcing livestock owners to register their farms, thereby subjecting themselves to unwarranted searches of their farms by USDA, but also tagging 29 species of animals with computer chips, some of which will be injected into the animal.

Additionally, NAIS will force farmers to report 14 events within 24 hours with USDA via computer or call in. I want you to know that the members of MOFB were never aware of the details of NAIS and MOFB has done everything in their power to cover-up the details of NAIS. I would be glad to come in and personally show you the facts. I would welcome Charles Kruse to be there and have to explain what he has done and how he has covered up the truth about NAIS to his membership. Mr. Kruse has sent letters to MOFB members saying that I am misrepresenting the facts about NAIS, but he has never answered me as to specifically what I am saying that is untrue or a misrepresentation.

Now you all have a letter from MOFB signed by MOFB Charles Kruse, dated Jan 28 th 2008 opposing SB 931.

The letter states MOFB policy; “We favor a voluntary (not a USDA or State Mandatory)…

I want to point out that NAIS is currently being rolled into all existing MANDATORY Missouri Dept of AG animal health programs. Just ask Missouri State Vet Taylor Woods. He told me himself that NAIS is being rolled into existing Health programs. The current cooperative agreement between USDA and MO Dept of Ag states on page 26 that premise numbers will be mandatory for import and export of livestock, friends, that will not be voluntary! MOFB has never told its members that!! If they have, where have they? Ask Leslie Holloway or Mr. Kruse for the documents where they told their members this. They do not represent the heart and soul of Missouri livestock owners!

On page 26 it also states Premise ID numbers will also be mandatory for all disease programs, Bovine TB, Brucellosis, Johne’s, Coggins testing, Scrapies, …ALL PROGRAMS!! Remember, NAIS is not just Premise Registrations; it is tagging, chipping, and TRACKING! 48 hour trace back! If you want to know how they intend to get 48-hour trace back you must understand what USDA and MOFB are proposing, but proponents never tell anyone the details until it is too late! Ask MOFB to show you where they have ever showed their members the details of what must be done to get 48-hour trace back! Ask Leslie Holloway for the documents. Ask Charles Kruse for the documents where members are told the details and then want that in their policy. They can’t, and believe me, they sure don’t want you to ask them for it. For the record, for two years I have begged them to tell their members that full story about NAIS, as far as I know, they never have! As a legislator you must ask yourself is this leadership of MOFB really representing their members interests? Honestly, how many farmers that you know would support this if they knew these details I have mentioned? Any?

Farm Bureau mentions that they are going to tell everyone how you vote on this. Your constituents may also have this letter. Which one will carry the most weight? I have no doubt I am telling the truth here and that time will prove me right. NAIS will be implemented in just a matter of months now. Just remember this letter after NAIS is implemented and your Farm community is devastated over the coming years. Will you just do nothing? Will you just talk about saving the farm but do nothing when it really matters? We need you to stop this now, not later. We are out of time…don’t let them tell you we can’t sell any livestock in the future without NAIS. We have gone 200 plus years as a country with out NAIS. Believe me, we will do just fine without it…

Opponents of NAIS have had over 22 meetings across Missouri in the last two years explaining the details of NAIS to the citizens of this great State. We have 12,000 signatures on petitions opposing NAIS. I appeal to you in the strongest of terms. Before you listen to proponents of NAIS, find out what is really happening with this program. I have asked at nearly every meeting how many oppose NAIS after hearing the facts right out of the USDA documents. 99.9% say they do not want this program!

I have been in the livestock industry all my adult life and also as a youth growing up on a farm. Never in my life have I seen a program that will devastate small farms like NAIS will. The costs involved, the labor involved, the liability involved, the list goes on and on.

I have registered cattle and a registered brand. I have always ID’d my cattle. I am proud of what I produce but I don’t want the government coming on my property and fining me and my healthy cattle for lost ear tags or other areas of non-compliance with NAIS. USDA already has disease protocol in place that have eradicated and controlled disease. These programs work. They will even tell you that these programs have worked so well they have trouble tracing animals because we are so disease free. Don’t let them tell you that we must have NAIS to survive, we can’t survive WITH NAIS as small producers.

This legislation, SB 931, will help to keep NAIS from being implemented in Missouri. It must be addressed on the Federal level too. Maybe we will lose this fight. Maybe we will have legislators that refuse to get the facts about NAIS before moving ahead. Maybe small farmers are a thing of the past. Maybe the fight is too big. Maybe the program is too complicated for most to understand until it is too late.

Maybe fascism and Big Government will take over every aspect of our lives before long. Maybe every living thing will be chipped, tracked, and regulated. Maybe the Federal and State Agencies really will take over America as our legislators relinquish their ability to govern with common sense and wisdom. Maybe we will have to have a premise number and chip our animals and report all movements within 24 hours, maybe we will have to have this number before we can buy or sell, maybe the principals that led our founding fathers are too old fashioned for our modern world to understand anymore, maybe our Constitutional freedoms and rights of free exercise and privacy and property rights are outdated, but so help me God, I will fight it until my last breath…


Bob Parker

Raymondville, MO

417-457-6111 E-mail Bob@bakerealty.com

I will be glad to come and testify at hearings anytime. I do ask however that sufficient time be given to explain this program. This cannot be explained in the 5 minutes usually allowed. There are hundreds of pages of official documents on this program.

For more information about Farm Bureau and NAIS go to





Posted 08-17-07
Texas County Farm Bureau Expels 
member over NAIS
In Houston Missouri the debate over The National
 Animal Identification System rages on. Tuesday,
 August 14th, 2007, the board met with about half of
 the board members present. Board member Gerald
 Campbell, also past President of Texas County
 Cattlemen's Association and also a director from
 District 3 of the Missouri Beef Industry Council
 Board of Directors, made a motion to remove longtime
 Texas County Board member Bob Parker because of his
 outspoken opposition to the NAIS program.
Mr. Campbell, whose wife Nancy works for Farm
 Bureau, stated that Bob Parker had attacked Missouri
 Farm Bureau and needed to be removed from the board.
 Mr. Campbell also stated that he had attended the
 Property Rights Congress Meeting in Cabool a few
 days ago and stated that PRC president Russell Wood,
 speaker Doreen Hannes, and speaker Ray Cunio, and
 Bob Parker had all attacked Missouri Farm Bureau for
 their promotion of NAIS. Mr. Campbell's motion was
 seconded by Gus Adams, his wife Betty Adams is also
 Vice President of the Property Rights Congress
 Chapter and both voted for Mr. Parker's removal.
Mr. Parker repeatedly asked specifically why the
 board was seeking to remove him. He was told by Mr.
 Campbell and Texas County FB President Don Luersson
 that because of his open attack upon Farm Bureau
 that they wanted him removed. Betty Adams charged
 that Mr. Parker had personally attacked Gerald
 Campbell at the PRC meeting by exposing how he voted
 on a resolution supporting Mandatory NAIS. Mr.
 Parker stated that he believed the votes of the
 Texas County Farm Bureau board should be open to
 it's members and the public. Mr. Campbell was
 invited to sit on a panel discussion on NAIS at the
 PRC meeting but after a 10 minute opening statement
 Mr. Campbell refused to answer any questions about
 NAIS or explain his statements. He stated that he
 had to leave for a granddaughters birthday party and
 left the panel only to take a seat in the back of
 the meeting hall.
Mr. Parker asked the board several times
 specifically what the charges were against him and
 also stated that the by-laws of Texas County Farm
 Bureau did not provide for removing a member in this
 were going to do it anyway. No specific charges were
 ever given.
Mr. Parker said he would be glad to respond to any
 specific charges and would gladly show anyone why he
 has been very vocal about his opposition to what the
 leadership of MOFB has done, citing specifically a
 July 2005 letter where MOFB President Charles Kruse
 told the USDA that Missouri Farm Bureau supported
 NAIS and that the full program should ultimately be
 Mandatory. Mr. Parker continues to contend that MOFB
 grassroots members have never said that in their
 policy. Mr. Parker believes that the leadership in
 MOFB has been in full support of a mandatory program
 in the past and doesn't trust the leadership
Mr. Parker states ''I have pointed out what the
 leadership of MOFB has done, and they are continuing
 to cover up how this ''voluntary'' program will
 become ultimately Mandatory! Did you know that most
 marketing programs and all animal health programs
 are requiring a NAIS premise number? How will that
 be ''voluntary''? Why doesn't MOFB point that out to
their members? Why is no opposition to NAIS ever
 invited to speak to the resolutions committee's? I
 could go on and on. Why did Mr. Kruse stop a meeting
 in Springfield when I asked about his letter? He
 doesn't want you to know about it, they had to get
 me out, this information is starting to cost them
 alot of money, and members.''
I have repeatedly asked leadership in MOFB to tell
 the members the facts about NAIS. They have flatly
 refused. This is too huge of an issue to ignore, I
 firmly believe that if NAIS is fully implemented it
will wipe out most small farmers, this is for 29
 species, not just cattle!'' Mr. Parker continues,
 ''when I told Mr. Campbell last year about how small
 farmers would not do all the work that these
 regulations would impose he told me that we don't
 need all those small producers anyway, he said and I
 quote, ''what good are they doing for the
 industry?'' He also voted that NAIS should be
 Mandatory when our board voted on it Tuesday, March
 14th, 2006 by voting against it. The resolution
 Be it hereby resolved that the Texas County Farm
 Bureau Board Does hereby reject the current proposal
 by USDA to make mandatory the implementation of the
 National Animal Identification System. 
I think that FB members should know what their
 leaders really think about NAIS and I also believe
 that Cattlemen should know what their Missouri Beef
 Council leaders are saying and doing.''
The majority vote was in favor of removing Mr.
 Parker immediately from the board. Two members, Dan
 Kyle and Robert Rouse voted against the motion. Mr.
 Parker goes on '' I have tried to expose Farm Bureau
 leadership for what they have done. It comes as no
 surprise that this happened, I could never explain
 the details of what has happened to my board because
 of constantly being attacked by Gerald Campbell and
 President Don luersson at the meetings. Missouri
 Farm Bureau's membership is off about 10% in many
 areas in the State due to members learning about
 what Farm Bureau has done. They are very upset over

Mr. Parker ''I have never told anyone to leave MoFB.
have tried to work to change the organization for
 the better. I believe in the grassroots structure
 but the leadership controls all the information that
 the members get. Farm Bureau has never printed
 anything about why so many oppose this NAIS program.
 Now I strongly encourage every member to drop Farm
 Bureau! Drop your membership! Drop your insurance!
 Drop your support, and send a strong message to MOFB
 that this leadership must be changed before you
 support this organization any more''. 
''I thought one of the founding principals of our
 country was freedom of speech, not in Farm Bureau,
 not anymore. You can be a grassroots member, as long
 as you don't expose leadership. I guess the facts
 speak for themselves. Don't be fooled by the new
 rhetoric from the leadership of Missouri Farm Bureau
 saying they oppose mandatory NAIS, they know that
 very soon NAIS will be involved in so many programs
 we will never keep it ''Voluntary'', regardless of
 their ''policy''. The days of Free Farmers will soon
 be over, sold out by the very people we trusted''.
For immediate release;
 contact information; Bob Parker Bob@bakerealty.com 
Permission given to send as far and wide as you can

[I know this is long, but if you care about MOFB,
 you need to read it]
The leadership of Missouri Farm Bureau continues to
 keep it's General Membership in the dark about the
 facts surrounding NAIS, The National Animal
 Identification Program. I have included a letter
 that I sent to Dan Cassidy, Executive Director of
 MOFB over a year ago in May 17th of 2006. This is
 just one of several E-mails and conversations I have
 had with Missouri Farm Bureau President Charles
 Kruse, MOFB legislative staff, State Board members
 and others. Having been a Texas County Board member
 for approximately 15 years and going to many annual
 meetings I have gotten to know the staff and
 workings of MOFB pretty well.
I want to make this perfectly clear, MOFB has done
 alot of good things in the past. I understand the
 workings of policy development in this organization
 but as we all know it is very important for members
 to get all sides to an issue and hear from
 proponents as well as opponents to develop good
 policy. I think we all know what is happening to our
 country with the media bias and not hearing a fair
 and balanced reporting. Please read on and listen to
 what has happened, then you decide...
I have read closely the publications from MOFB as
 well as other Ag publications. In January of 2006 I
 read the 2005 Draft plan of the NAIS program. I was
 shocked!! I immediately contacted MOFB and asked
 them to make this information available to it's
 members. I was told by Garrett Hawkins [Director of
 MOFB legislative affairs] that all of this had been
 covered in MOFB publications and sent me a copy of
 every article MOFB had printed on it. I read them
 all and did not find any of the details that were
 horrifying to me such as the use of the word
 ''Mandatory'' being used over 20 times, several uses
 of ''Mandatory with enforcement'', also, this
 included 29 species, not just cattle, and that the
 program is for 48 hr trace back and requires
 reporting 14 ''events'' within 24 hours!! Wow!
I asked Mr. Hawkins where specifically these
 details were mentioned. He couldn't say. He referred
 me to Leslie Holloway, she said there were two
 articles that referred to some of what concerning
 me. When I asked her specifically where in those
 articles it was, she couldn't find anything. She
 then said she was too busy with other matters to
 work on this anymore. Wow! I was shocked! I was
 uncovering a side of MOFB I had never seen!I had
 thought MOFB members would want to know all that and
 that MOFB leadership would be glad to tell
 them...how wrong I have been!
Now MOFB is quietly telling it's County Board
 Members in a series of Regional Meetings across the
 State not to listen to Bob Parker and others who
 have worked to inform the public about this horrible
 program. They are not however, telling their board
 leaders the following information at these regional
 meetings that includes the following;
a.. Several States are already going ''Mandatory''
 with NAIS!
 b.. Missouri Dept of Ag is taking over $500,000 to
 implement the 2005 draft plan!
 c.. Premise registration is just the 1st phase of
 NAIS, then tagging with computer chips, then
 d.. Still no projections on the true cost of this
 program. [Australia cost is about $70 per head]!
 e.. American Farm Bureau helped write NAIS
 starting in 1994 and even before that, contrary to
 MOFB stating that this program is because of 911 and
 started in 2002.
 f.. Your premise, once registered, can not be
 removed from what MOFB calls a ''voluntary''
 program. You can be put on inactive, but not taken
 out of the system currently. Why don't they want you
 to know that?
 g.. Why were no opponents of NAIS invited to speak
 at the resolution hearings on NAIS when it was well
 known there was lot's of opposition to this. I
 personally had informed the leadership on this as
 well as others.
 h.. Why has MOFB never printed or talked about the
 specific reasons that so many are opposing this
 program so it's members can decide???? [Note; in
 2006, at meeting in West Plains, 300 people came to
 the meeting opposing Animal ID. Garrett Hawkins was
 there. Many reasons were given why they opposed
 NAIS. The MOFB newsletter made a small note about
 the meeting that some opposition to NAIS was
 present. To read current MOFB publications you would
 not think that NAIS is even a hot issue in
 i.. FFA has taken grant money to register farms
 for NAIS
 j.. 4-H clubs in some states are forcing kids to
 register their farms to be members such as Colorado!
a.. Why did our legislation trying to stop NAIS in
 Missouri gain so much support? The reason is that we
 spent alot of time giving the facts of the program
 right out of the USDA documents to our legislators.
 93% of the legislators voted against NAIS only to be
 killed by Rep. John Quinn by him refusing to allow
 it to come back for a final vote which would have
 easily stopped this program at the state level. MOFB
 was there twisting every arm they could to keep NAIS
 alive in Missouri.
 b.. Why doesn't MOFB put what they are saying at
 Regional Meetings about me and others in their
 publications? I welcome an open debate on this. Let
 the leadership of MOFB try to defend what they have
 done after the facts are known.
 c.. Do the members know that President Kruse wrote
 a letter to USDA in full support of NAIS
 representing all the members of MOFB and supporting
 the Mandatory timelines in the 2005 draft plan in
 spite of the fact that MOFB has never had a
 ''Mandatory'' policy? I brought this up at a Farm
 Bureau meeting in Springfield Mo this Spring to
 Charles Kruse and the meeting was immediately ended
 allowing me no further comments or questions to Mr.
Kruse. I welcome public debate in MOFB on this
 d.. As a voting delegate at last years Annual
meeting you may ask, ''why didn't Bob Parker come
 and debate this on the floor''? The reason is that
 my county President, after consultation with the
 head office, called Texas County Board members
 personally lining up delegates and left me out. That
 is how this grass roots organization is being run.
 Call a Texas County delegate and ask them how they
 were chosen.
 MOFB is currently crying about how the legislature
 has abandoned the farmer and MOFB. The reason the
 Legislature has abandoned MOFB is they know what
 MOFB leadership has been doing. The current MOFB
 leadership is completely doing the bidding of Big Ag
 and has forgotten the small farmer. Nothing out
 there proves this more than the way MOFB has handled
 NAIS. As I talked to Legislators in Jefferson City
 this year I was shocked at what legislators said
 behind closed doors about MOFB and what the MOFB
 leadership had done over the last few years. I was
 deeply saddened. I have spent years supporting this
 organization and the wonderful members that is has.
 MOFB sent a letter to many County Boards in 2006
 telling them not to listen to the opposition and
 myself about NAIS, that we were not telling the full
MOFB said in their letter that I was insulting the
 membership of MOFB. I want to clearly respond to
 that and say my desire has been for the wonderful
 folks that are members in this organization to be
 fully informed on a huge government program that I
 believe will be devastating to small farmers. I care
 very deeply about what happens to farmers and will
 do everything in my power to help them understand
 the complex issues they are now facing. I believe
 that once members get the full story they will reach
 the right decisions. Sadly, they are not getting
 that now.
In closing, I want to make the following points;
a.. I fully support the concept of MOFB in it's
 grass roots structure. It can work very well and
 should. Members must demand that the leadership
 tell them all sides of issues so that good policy
 can result. 
b.. I believe the current leadership in MOFB can
 no longer be trusted. We need a complete house
 cleaning in this organization so we can recover our
 respect with the legislators and farmers in
 c.. This is not a personal attack on anyone. I
 have simply been trying to get the facts out about
 this program and to my utter amazement have hit a
 brick wall with leaders that should be helping. I am
 still amazed!
 d.. I sincerely ask you to look into this. I know
 I am not perfect, and maybe my tactics are not
 always right. Please understand that there are
 hundreds of pages of Documents on NAIS from the
 USDA. I know most folks to not take the time to
 study all of these, but please read the 2005 Draft
 Strategic Plan on NAIS and the Technical Supplement.
 Now read the 2007 working agreement that the
 Missouri Department of Agriculture has with USDA and
 they have agreed to implement the 2005 draft plan.
 Read it for yourself. Remember the group in the
 Bible that read the word every day so they wouldn't
 be deceived to make sure they were being told the
 truth? Study to show yourself approved unto God....
 e.. In August of 2005 MOFB wrote a letter to each
 County Board stating the following; ''Opponents of
 NAIS continue to use outdated materials and personal
 opinions to mislead producers and others''. Myself
 and others have asked Dan Cassidy specifically what
 materials he was talking about. We stated we have
 been using the following documents.
 f.. April 2005 draft plan,
 g.. April 2005 draft standards,
 h.. April 2005 draft Technical Supplement,
 i.. June 2006 Strategies for implementation
 j.. Transcript of Secretary Johannes April 6, 2006
 News Conference.
 k.. [note, there are many new documents since this
 was written]
 Dan Cassidy has never responded to our questions
 about specifically what we are saying wrong. This
 has led to the only conclusion that can be reached
 in my mind. The leadership of MOFB really is just
 supporting BiG AG because they can give nothing to
 back up what they have been doing and saying. This
 is why they have lost support and trust in Missouri.
 Again, this leadership does not represent the best
 interest of Missouri small farmers in my opinion and
 that is abundantly clear to me after many months of
 trying to get them to tell the full story.
Here's my last point, when you understand how this
 so called ''Voluntary'' program really works, you
 will understand why it will ultimately be
 ''mandatory''. Please give the opposition to NAIS a
 seat at the next resolutions hearings and I will be
 glad to talk to you more about it. The following is
 an the E-mail I sent to Dan Cassidy, Executive
 director of Mo FB in May of 2006. I want everyone to
 realize that if they would have listened, much of
 this could have been avoided. I sincerely tried to
 avoid this, but the money and power behind NAIS is
Bob Parker, Texas County Farm Bureau Board Member 
My home phone number is 417-457-6111 call me if you
 have any questions.
[Note] In this months minutes of Texas County Farm
 Bureau monthly Board meeting they state the
''A recent E-mail sent out by Bob Parker with
 negative comments about MOFB and President Charles
 Kruse was discussed. There was much discussion about
 the situation with Bob and his representing himself
 as a Farm Bureau Board member. A vote was taken on
 whether to dismiss him immediately or let his term
 expire and not ask him to serve another term. Vote
 to let his term expire was six, dismiss was two. The
 general consensus was that to let his term expire
 would cause less confrontation.''
I was not at this meeting personally as I had other
 business. If the membership of Texas County decides
 they don't want me on the board that is up to them.
 I guess people really do like to shoot the
 messenger. The only thing is, how can Farm Bureau
 really be a viable organization when it eliminates
 folks that speak out? Just remember what I have said
 here, if we fail to stop NAIS . When you are buying
 your expensive electronic tags, getting online to
 report where your livestock are in 24 hours, and
 having USDA officials searching you home and grounds
 for any violations of NAIS on you healthy animals,
 or when it is discovered that the data bases have
 been stolen, or you are being called by an attorney
 because a sick animal has your ID on it that has
 been tampered with to make it look like you own it,
 or, when you try to get your kids or grandkids to
 take over your livestock operation after they have
 seen how the government has taken over farming, just
 ask yourself. Am I still FREE? 
Remember; We have best food in the world! We have
 disease specific programs that work very well
 already, why do we need NAIS? Please don't let them
 tell you we must have NAIS to market beef! NAIS is a
 48 hour traceback program, NOT a marketing program!
My letter to Dan Cassidy
 Please note the date!
Dan Cassidy
 Executive Director of Missouri Farm Bureau 
May 17th of 2006
Good to hear from you. I am getting pretty
 frustrated with this. I have asked that facts about
 the draft plan and the many concerns being voiced by
 State Senators, State Reps, Property Rights Groups
 and others be included in Missouri Farm Bureau
 publications and as of yet the only information
 being put out is the spin from the group composed
 mainly of big Corporate companies that will directly
 benefit from the ID plan. Why has Missouri Farm
 Bureau continued to refuse to print the facts on
 this issue??????
Most folks that have heard the other side of this
 story are rapidly changing there mind when there is
 an open debate about the issues. If you guys
 continue to just put out one side it will be very
 hard to come up with a good policy on this issue.
 The brief time available on the floor during our
 annual meeting will make it very hard to cover all
 the aspects of this very lengthy and complicated
 issue. Leslie and Garrett have both heard many
 reasons for opposing the animal ID plan but none of
 those objections have ever made it to print. 
Farm Bureau is a grassroots organization. The only
 way this works is for the grassroots to have all the
 information about both sides of these issues. What
 you guys are now printing in Show Me Missouri and
 the Capitol connection is spin and I can prove it
 to you and others. The Senate and House do not
 support Mandatory ID and Missouri Farm Bureau has
 not mentioned one reason why.
You have plenty of reason to oppose this as Cost,
 confidentiality, and liability have never been
 addressed and never will because this thing will
 cost in the billions before it is over. 
Please forward this to Charlie and the whole board.
 It's time the folks that really run Farm Bureau
 start hearing from the grassroots on this issue.
I have included the conclusions from Sec. Johannes
 meeting transcript below. He says no more
 legislation is required to go mandatory with this
 program and that if we don't have 100% participation
 then it will be mandatory. You guys need to start
 printing the TRUTH about this issue and not a bunch
 of crap!!
I want to do everything I can to support Farm
 Bureau but by you guys continually misrepresenting
 the facts about this forces me to take this to the
 grassroots myself which I am doing. I was on Ky3 TV
 in Springfield last week 3 times, Derry Brownfield
 for an hour last week, have 3 meetings coming up
 across Missouri that I am speaking at and my words
 will not be kind to Farm Bureau unless something
 changes fast. When are you guys going to take me and
 others seriously?? This is the biggest threat to my
 farming operation that I have ever seen. I probably
 won't need Farm Bureau if this passes as I won't
 have a farm because of the added costs of these
 extremely burdensome regulations as well as many
 other factors. I will gladly send you additional
 information about all the reasons. I won't be a
 party to this program as it stands.

 Time is running out.....
Bob Parker, member of Texas County Farm Bureau

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Premises Registration will be an "Official" USDA unique seven Character identifier.
In the New User Guide it states on Page 22:
The premises identification number (PIN) is assigned permanently to a geophysical location. If an owner or entity sells his/her farm, the next operators of the premises use the original premises identification number that had been
assigned to that location. If the seller buys a new location to build a new operation that never had livestock, he/she would register that location and obtain a new premises identification number (PIN).

Premises Identification = Encumbrance

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