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Real ID is not a national ID card designed to protect us from terrorism and illegal immigration - it is an INTERNATIONAL ID card designed to track the movements of everyone wherever they go - anywhere in the world.
NAIS will be a world wide tracking system, Farm to Fork, and comes directly from the OIE a United Nations Orgainization. Do you see a pattern yet?


National Animal Identification System, (NAIS) that thousands of livestock producers have opposed for close to a half dozen years, is still being demanded by USDA, and USDA branches.  Like a creeping fungal spore in moves on with unrestrained funding.  Why does this numbering plot have a life without death?  No economic facts, no logic, no legal barrier stops this horrid scheme as it moves with perverted "cooperative agreements" to number all farm livestock and farm properties. 
Nearly 2000 years ago it was written in the Holy Bible that in the last years of history a numbering system would be used so that no person could buy or sell without an enforced number.  Real ID and NAIS perfectly fit the prophecy of Revelation 13.  It is a battle of the unjust against the just.  Some would say it is only a coincidence, yet others are certain a massive plan is in play to number all livestock and then number all people.  A federal plan to control people like herds of cattle moving through the check out counter of life. 
It is easy to oppose NAIS on purely non-Biblical reasons, but equally easy to see the hand writing on the wall. Every livestock owner should oppose NAIS.  Every Christian should oppose NAIS.  Every human who consumes food should oppose NAIS. Every USDA employee should oppose NAIS. Every veterinarian, every President, every Congressman and every Senator should oppose NAIS.
Posters of the graphic below can be printed from www.naisStinks.com.  The link for other posters is  http://www.naissucks.com/index.php?con=flyers.  Thank you for opposing NAIS and the distribution of information.  Brad Headtel, www.naisSTINKS.com


How does the Administrative Procedures Acts work? Read the article done by Karen Berenger http://ruralheritage.com/stop_nais/rulemaking03.htm

Now see how it truly works on REAL ID.

Transcript of Conversation between myself (Ralph) and Amy Bunk - head Attorney of Federal Register on APA and there is no one to enforce the APA but you and me going to the corrupt courts - Hoo-haa.

P.L. 109-13

Administrative Procedures Act of 1946 codified in 1966 in Title 5 found today in 5 U.S.C. sections 500, 600, 700, 800 and 900

This is the Transcript of the 13+ minute conversation that I had with Amy Bunk who is the head attorney for Federal Register of which there are only two.

I was attempting to determine why the Administrative Procedure Act of 1946 ("APA") had been bypassed with no comment period under 5 U.S.C. 553 in the Federal Register in the Proposed Rule making of 72 FR 10820 and the Final Rule of 73 FR 5272 of January 29, 2008.

**** Amy Bunk informed to me to my shock that there is no Agency or whomevers to enforce the APA and the Federal Register folks only have some procedural elements in place that they enforce. Absolutely Amazing.

The Treasonous Congress I found in researching the APA and the Real ID Act of 2005 in P.L. 109-13, 2005 HR 1268 did exempt the Administrative Procedure Act of 1946 chapter 5, to wit on page 84 of Attachment P.L. 109.13 in the Federal Register:



The requirements of chapter 5 of title 5, United States Code (commonly referred to as the "Administrative Procedure Act") or any other law relating to rulemaking, information collection or publication in the Federal Register, shall not apply to any action to implement sections 402, 403, and 405 or the amendments made by such sections to the extent the Secretary Homeland of Security, the Secretary of Labor, or the Secretary of State determine that compliance with any such requirement would impede the expeditious implementation of such sections or the amendments made by such sections.

Now to give the illusion of having public comments with the following force and effect of law required disengaging from that darn pesky APA of the Chapter 5 including "substantive rules" of general applicability of 5 U.S.C. 552(a)(1) and then the mandatory 5 U.S.C. 553 problem of the comment period for the public that would enable the "force and effect of law" under the holdings of Chrysler v. Brown, 441 U.S. 281 (1979) otherwise it is merely a interpretative regulation or merely policy or merely only having application to federal employees (5 U.S.C. 553). Remembering that all of the other Chapters of the APA are still used including Chapter 7 to prelude us a remedy in any court and/or leave it up to Homeland Security (agency), to wit:


5 U.S.C. 701

(a) This chapter applies, according to the provisions thereof, except to the extent that--

(1) statutes preclude judicial review; or

(2) agency action is committed to agency discretion by law.


Remembering also that all types of regulations if not acted upon within the 60 days after publication in the Federal Register and the agency giving notice to Congress, then regulations of all types have "force or effect" or take "effect" as found in 5 U.S.C. Chapter 8 ( 801-808). Notice it is not "force and effect of law!"

This was a great slight of hand to the novice and public in the Land of Oz wherein Congress's Prison Plantation attorneys give the appearance of "comments" in the Federal Register on the Real ID Act, but lacking the requisite requirements to have the force and effect of law of Chapter 5 and precluding the holdings in Chyrsler, supra.
Then to add insult to injury to this great illusion, the determination of whether the Real ID Act is constitutional or not is made by the Homeland Security Agency in the Federal Register "Final Rule" publication 72 FR 5272-5340 with more nonsense that the ID is only required for "official purposes", i.e. boarding Federally-regulated commercially aircraft. Of course the non-compliant DL and ID will be long gone, but you could still use them if you had them for intrastate or interstate travel in a commercial motor carrier, Amtrak train, ship, individual automobile or other modes UNTIL amended, which of course with the nose of the camel in the tent there is no doubt that the Camel will take over the tent as sure as the Sun rises in the East every day.

I will have more coming on the APA and the Federal Register and Real ID Act. Just three treasonous acts by Congress wherein we lack the knowledge to pull back the curtain and view the Wizard of Oz's true identity.

Read what other Alaskans have to say on the Real ID Act.
See how similar Real Id and NAIS are side by side, both programs are NATIONAL, do you see the trend where this fine Nation was and is going? Papers Please!

Status of Anti-Real ID Legislation in the States

Updated 04-09-09
A National ID Card for every Cow, Calves Chicken, Chicks, Ducks, Ducklings, Geese, Goslings, Pigs, Piglets, Horses, Foals, Goats, Kids, Lambs, Bison, Llama, Cria, etc.... And Now it includes humans under the Real ID Act. 

Comparison between Real Id and NAIS

Real Id- DVM

The Real ID Act's identity cards will be required if one wants to drive, visit a federal government building, collect Social Security, access a federal government service or use the services of a private entity (such as a bank or an airline) that is required under federal law to verify customer identity.

New residents must prove legal name, birth date, address and social secuirty number and a secondary proof of identification

Nais- VMD

In order to continue farming or owning livestock you will be required to obtain a Premises Id , tag /chip and report movement or face excessive fines for non compliance


1: Collection of your production information at both State and Federal Levels

Premises ID: Name of Entity, Owner or Appropriate person. street address, city, State,zip code, contact phone number, operation type,Date activated, Date retired, reason retired, Historic Data, Previous contact person,Previous Contact person phone,Previous Contact person -Start date, Previous contact person -end date, GPS, longitude, Latitude, Alternative phone numbers

Animal Database: Event type code, Sighting/reporting premises identification, source/destination premises identification, event date & time,Animal Identification number, species,Identification electronically read, animal date of birth, age of animal,gender,breed of animal,remarks,status,alternate animal id 1, alternate animal id type 1

2: Administrative enforcement of Federal LAWS and REGULATIONS

3: Administrative enforcement of any additional State-Level Laws and Regulations

Circumventing State Legislation and  Laws

Real ID has not made many headlines

NAIS has not made headlines

Local and National MEDIA REFUSES

to Speak on the NAIS!!!

Compliance 2008 Voluntary-Mandatory

This process must be completed for each of the more than 190 million US license holders.

Compliance 2009 Voluntary-Mandatory

The USDA reports 1,438,280 farms in the United States (anyone who ones just one livestock animal)  All farm Premises and livestock to be cataloged

New Fees


New fees

Public Fees, Fines, Criminal penalties Up to 500,000.00. Cost of program will be 50.00 to thousands a year dependant on use of animals.

Identity Theft

Internal security-Computer

The Real ID Act requires that states ensure the physical and electronic security of identification materials. The act does not set standards for that security, but with millions of individuals' sensitive personal information - a goldmine for identity thieves - slated to be digitally scanned and stored by DMVs, and shared with counterparts across the continent through the distributed database, security will need to be tight indeed. Encryption systems, customized access control applications, firewalls, and secure physical locations for the production of cards will all be expensive and difficult to administer. As always, internal security will be one of the most difficult and burdensome - yet vital - components of this system, especially in light of the fact that numerous DMV workers around the nation have been caught engaging in identity theft or other abuses

The fact that the technology must be "common" also raises the already-high risk of identity theft.)

Animal Identity theft

RFID can be hacked , internal security-Computer

The fact that the technology must be "common" also raises the already-high risk of identity theft.)

Perception of more Security

far more Americans die on our roads every year than have ever fallen victim to terrorism, And it is far from clear that these extraordinary costs will bring any benefits in preventing terrorism.

Perception of Safe Food

Far more Americans get sick from e-coli due to lack of USDA inspectors. And it is far from clear that these extraordinary costs will bring any benefits in preventing ag terrorism.

Privacy rights

No privacy provisions are included. One requirement could include RFID embedded.

Privacy RightsPersonal Property, RFID

Nais empowers federal agents to enter and seize property without a warrant – a blatant violation of the 4th amendment.

You agree that your registration information and your animal information is the sole property of the NAIS. You consent to have your information disclosed to any federal agency or agent in accordance with applicable laws.Conduct real-test trace-backs and trace forwards of animals without notice to anyone or disclosure to you


The process for verifying a birth certificates. Over 6,000 different jurisdictions issue birth certificates within the United States alone. In some cases, birth certificates will not be able to be verified


NAIS would create thousands of interconnected commingling reports for the 24 hour track back documentation. Many livestock animals have no breed registrations

Standardized All 50 States

Standardized All 50 States

Database Interlinked State/Federal

The Real ID Act requires that states ensure the physical and electronic security of identification materials. The act does not set standards for that security. Computer security is an increasingly specialized field, and the heavy security needs that come with handling and storing so many people's sensitive documents and information will require each state to buy and administer considerable additional security expertise.

Database Interlinked State/Federal

Computer security is an increasingly specialized field, and the heavy security needs that come with handling and storing so many people's sensitive documents and information will require each state to buy and administer considerable additional security expertise

Machine Readable  (anyone)

Real ID mandates "a common machine-readable technology" such as a bar code, magnetic stripe, or RFID chip that holds the information printed on the front of the ID (and possibly more) in order to allow computerized scanning of the IDs by a standard reader. This requirement will force most states to create a new physical license that contains one of these technologies. Few if any states are likely to already incorporate such a technology on their licenses that will match the standard promulgated in the DHS regulations.

Homeland Security is permitted to add additional requirements -- which could include "biometric identifiers" such as our fingerprints or a retinal scan.

The fact that the technology must be "common" also raises the already-high risk of identity theft.)

- Section 202 of Real ID then requires that all ID's have "common machine-readable technology." Included in the required "minimum data elements" are biometric information. There have been official discussions about including DNA, retinal scans and other personal information. This technology, which is really not unusual, gives the government the ability to swipe your ID card every time you use your ID - at the bank, the hospital, the liquor store, etc. This information could then be recorded in a centralized database. When you purchase a gun, you must show your ID, which may be swiped and recorded under Real ID. Many gun owners are concerned that this will expand to a national gun registry, and that is why the Gun Owners of America oppose Real ID. In the proposed Real ID implementation rule, there was a provision for RFID - the inclusion of a radio chip in each ID card. The government could then scan your whereabouts without swiping your ID card. Fortunately, this was removed, but the final rule still allows states to include RFID chips.


Machine Readable (anyone)

NAIS  mandates "a common machine-readable technology” for RFID chip

When RFID Technology is used, the incorporation of ISO 11784 and 11785 by USDA in authorizing the use of the Animal Identification Number (AIN) will be followed to ensure the compatibility across vendors.  These standards are imperative so industry partners in NAIS can be assured one reader can scan and successfully read all AIN tags that have RFID technology DNA, retinal.


 The fact that the technology must be "common" also raises the already-high risk of identity theft.)

The integration of animal identification technology standards (electronic identification, retinal scan, DNA, etc.) will be determined by industry to ensure the most practical options are implemented, and that new ones can easily be incorporated into the NAIS. Draft Plan pg 15


Real Id 2005 Emergency Supplemental Appropriations for Defense, the Global War on Terror and Tsunami Relief where it was approved by congress without public debate. Slipped through in Iraq/TsunamiLeg in Congress.It would have been a serious political liability for a congressperson to vote against funding for the war on terror and tsunami relief. So it is not surprising that there were no debates, hearings or public comments of the act.

NAIS Slipped through 2002 Farm Bill

Real Id Lacks Studies

NAIS Lacks Studies

No National Study has been done

States Must rebuild infrastructure

States Must build infrastructure

Broad Group Opposition

Broad Group Opposition

Significant  Cost

10.7 Billion and range to 22.4 billion, States would be required to fund:

Significant  Cost

100 million in Cooperative Agreements at Taxpayers expense

Does not Increase Security-Borders

Does Not increase Security-Trade

Labor Intensive Increase State Government

The Act's document-verification requirements promise to be the most labor-intensive part of compliance.

More front-line DMV clerks spending hours on the phone trying to reach registrar's offices in small towns, a back-office army of investigators and document researchers, more I.T. personnel to build and run automated account-verification systems set up with a state's utilities, or all of the above.

Labor Intensive Increase State Government

Reporting requirements promise to be the most labor-intensive part of compliance. Additional paper work for health of animal to be kept for 2 years?????


The USDA could quadruple in size to become an immeasurable federal department.



No License

No access to federal government building, collect Social Security, access a federal government service or use the services of a private entity (such as a bank or an airline) that is required under federal law to verify customer identity.

No Premises Registration

No buy No sell, No access to State Facilities for showing unless in compliance.

US-Pin is a Federally-owned number, requested by you, that runs with your land forever. Will eventually lead to a license to farm.

Department of Homeland Security (DHS)

Department of Homeland Security (DHS)

Proof of Social Security Number

States are required to verify that an individual has a valid social security number. The Act further requires that "In the event that a social security account number is already registered to or associated with another person . . . the State shall resolve the discrepancy and take appropriate action."  What "appropriate action" entails is strikingly ambiguous.

Proof of Premises Identification

Global Positioning longitude and latitude, Street Address

Document Storage

Real ID also requires the states to retain a digital scan of source identity documents like birth certificates for at least 10 years (or a paper copy for 7 years). That means a DMV worker must scan and store three or four source documents for each applicant. States will have to purchase, install and maintain scanners and other hardware, computer storage space, retrieval and transmission mechanisms and other software for running these systems.

Document Storage

Farmers, hobbyist will be required to purchase scanners, computer, internet service, keep health records will have to purchase, install and maintain scanners and other hardware, computer storage space, retrieval and transmission mechanisms and other software for running these systems.

Physical Security Features

The Act also requires "physical security features designed to prevent tampering, counterfeiting, or duplication."  Even those states that currently include physical security features of one kind or another on their licenses may well need to overhaul those features to bring them into compliance with the standards set by the forthcoming Real ID regulations.

Physical Security Features,

“Official” USDA number for Premises Registration with country code 840

“Official” USDA number for RFID Tag/Chip

New Clearance Requirements:

Real ID requires that state employees who are authorized to manufacture ID cards must be subject to "appropriate security clearance requirements."

New Clearance Requirements:

In order to purchases the “official USDA RFID” farmers can only purchase thru a ‘USDA” approved tag reseller who will request “ The Official Premises Identification Number”

Lawful Presence

Real ID requires non citizens to present evidence of lawful presences in the United Stated before states issue Real ID credentials.

Owners of livestock who need Veterinary attention will be required to show Premise Identification Card when you travel to the  Vet. Failure to have a premises ID will be reported as sightings per the Draft Plan.

Owners who wish to participant in showing, breeding, purchasing feed, traveling on public roads,  must show Premises Identification

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Premises Registration will be an "Official" USDA unique seven Character identifier.
In the New User Guide it states on Page 22:
The premises identification number (PIN) is assigned permanently to a geophysical location. If an owner or entity sells his/her farm, the next operators of the premises use the original premises identification number that had been
assigned to that location. If the seller buys a new location to build a new operation that never had livestock, he/she would register that location and obtain a new premises identification number (PIN).

Premises Identification = Encumbrance

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                                    of the Read the Bills Act Coalition

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