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Draft Plan Page 2 clearly states "MARKETING INCENTIVES"
Tax payers money being used for  bribery is what it is !!!!

Read what other parents have to say about 4-H and  NAIS

How 4-H fits into Government

Thank you for contacting the National 4-H Headquarters at USDA.

4-H is the youth development program of the Cooperative Extension System,
which is a partnership created by federal legislation between USDA, state
land-grant universities and county/local governments. National 4-H Headquarters
at CSREES, USDA, provides national program leadership in accordance with the federal regulations and stewardship for the legal use of the 4-H name and
emblem. Many of the program-related decisions are left to the states, so that they can provide programs that meet the needs and interests of local youth and
families. Funding of Cooperative Extension comes from federal, state and local government sources. There are various 4-H related foundations that provide additional private sector support to 4-H at national, state, and sometimes county/local level. Learn more about Cooperative Extension at
http://www.csrees.usda.gov/about/about.html.  It appears the USDA broke the link, what is it with them that they need to hide the 'Truth" and the "facts from the public....

FFA is connected with the Department of Education (see
http://www.ffa.org/about_ffa/index.html). Is appears  that the FFA broke this link also, what is it that they are hiding and that the public needs to search for the information all over again.  

Program Specialist
Families, 4-H, and Nutrition
Cooperative State Research, Education, and Extension Service
U.S. Department of Agriculture
Surface Mail:
U.S. Department of Agriculture
Stop 2225, 1400 Independence Ave., S.W.
Washington, DC 20250-2225

I guess my son won't be in 4-H next year.  This year they offered a new halter to any kids who signed up.
Peyton, CO
posted 04-05-07

Nebraska FFA Posted March 29 2007
After reading Bonnie Jameson's speech, I wrote to the Nebraska Dept of Ag to
see if Nebraska was still bribing our kids to sign us up. I got a very nice
responce from the coordinator saying that they were giving FFA chapters
$10/registration last year, but that by fall they were getting so very
little positive response from the animal producers that they have
discontinued the practice.



Written by Bonnie Jameson, private citizen and mother

                  Webbers Falls OK


    Speech given by Bonnie Jameson, Monday, March 12, 2007

                            on steps of Oklahoma Capital Building, Oklahoma City





What in the world is this?                                                      (show ID card)




Issued to my 15 year old daughter…….


A white plastic card and a small paper that says,  

Enclosed is your NAIS Premise ID Card………….


This card has been printed in response to the completion of your premise registration application, and serves as a courtesy reminder of your premise ID number.


Thank you for participating in the OK voluntary premise registration program.

If this card is lost or stolen, please contact ODAFF at (405) 522-6129.”





I asked our daughter when she had signed up for the premise ID……… she didn’t have a clue what I was talking about.  The only “animal thingy” she had signed was the entry form for the upcoming FFA livestock show.   


My husband, who had the privilege of chauffeuring our daughter and her goat to school that day, didn’t recall anything about a premise ID card either.


Since this our daughter’s first year in the Webbers Falls High School I requested more information from her FFA ag teacher, Joe Osborne.  Mr. Osborne told her it was mandatory and she had to have that card to show her goat, especially if she went out of state.  It seemed odd to me that this premise ID was going to get a goat into the show ring.


Page 1

Curious about the white plastic card, I called the number on the little brown paper.  I spoke to a pleasant gentleman who was not at all surprised by my call.


I explained to him that our daughter was 15 and had received this card in the mail.


He told me  the Oklahoma Department of Agriculture, Food and Forestry and the National  Animal Identification System had developed a program to PAY INDIVIDUAL 4-H CLUBS AND FFA CHAPTERS for each premise ID they turned in.


Club members were supposed to go around, knock on doors of friends and neighbors and sign them up.


The ODAFF was providing $15 per premise registered before December 31, 2006.


 They were paying our kids to sign up neighbors and friends……






Whoa, that sure got my attention.


I asked the pleasant gentleman if the Premise ID program was mandatory, he said, no, not yet, but it will be soon.  That was why they were in a hurry to get people in the system now…….It would save time when it becomes mandatory.


“OK”, I asked, “then how do I get my 15 year old daughter’s name off the list and out of their system?  She doesn’t own land all she has is a goat, for a school FFA project.”


He said he’d try to take it off.  Of course, I have since found that it doesn’t happen that way and the request must be made in writing.




A little knowledge can be dangerous so I set out to find the full story, behind my child’s premise ID.   


My first step was to search the internet……


I researched the rules for the FFA Livestock show, no mention of NAIS, Premise ID or animal tracking. 


There were lots of sites against the NAIS program.  As I read their reasons, concerns, suggestions and even their anger.   I was impressed with the organization of these groups and individuals.

Page 2


On the Oklahoma Department of Agriculture, Food and Forestry site I found that “premises identification is a ‘must have’.”


I devoured the official Federal Government NAIS site and learned about the progressive steps of NAIS. 


First comes the Premise ID, this now familiar white card

Then Animal Identification, followed by animal tracking.


According to the NAIS User Guide, “the responsibility for implementing and administering NAIS is shared among numerous entities—State and Tribal governments, industry groups/private companies, and United States Department of Agriculture.”


Cleverly, the USDA has left the decisions of implementation, cost, tracking, and physical tagging to individual states and PRIVATE COMPANIES……


Private industry groups and States will operate and maintain the system, all kept neatly in some database.


Private companies, data base…….they have my child’s information………  Isn’t that a comforting thought?



This User Guide has repeated references to the VOLUNTARY nature of the program on the FEDERAL LEVEL.


Included is this quote from the NAIS User’s Guide, “Participation in NAIS is voluntary at the Federal level.  Under our current authorities, USDA could make the NAIS mandatory, but we are choosing not to do so—again, participation in every component of NAIS is voluntary at the Federal level.  The NAIS does not need to be mandatory to be effective; we believe the goals of the system can be achieved with a voluntary program.” 







This leads to how our daughter was forced to become part of the program.


Again, according to the NAIS user guide “States and Tribes also have the option of allowing industry organizations or groups or other interested third parties to assist with


Page 3

collecting and entering premises data.  These groups act as “authorized agents” and,

with the permission of the premises owner, are permitted to submit data to the State or Tribe’s premises registration system on that person’s behalf.” 

The problem is they did not have our permission.


The Farm and Ranch Freedom Alliance reports seeing  “numerous examples of similar abuses across the country, such as people being told that they had to enroll in order to participate in 4-H, or take their animal to a county fair, or use certain sales barns.”


This Alliance feels that “NAIS is not truly voluntary if people are enrolled in the program without their knowledge or consent.”


In her article: “But the Fight is Far from Over -- Get Ready for Round Two”

Mary Zanoni writes “Legitimate "volunteers" have been few and far between, and the program has provoked outrage because the USDA has egged-on many states to fulfill their "premises ID" quotas for USDA grant funding by data-theft from pre-existing state livestock programs.  In other words, many states have placed animal-owner records into the USDA premise-information database without the prior knowledge or consent of the animal owners.  These animal owners do not even suspect that they have been co-opted into the so-called "voluntary" premises registration system until they receive a letter from their state agriculture department "congratulating" them on their new premises ID number.” 




After reading for days we went to the Webbers Falls High school to speak with the Ag teacher and the principal about our daughter’s forced premise ID. 


Mr. Osborne, the ag teacher, seemed upset when we asked him why our daughter had been registered with a national id system WITHOUT OUR PERMISSION.  His only comment was “she has to have it to show her goat.”


My husband and I visited with the principal next …..To our amazement she had no idea what the NAIS was or that it was in her school.  Here is a woman who is in charge of only 79 high school students and she has horses and show pigs…


When I requested a copy of the form our daughter had filled out for the ID card I was informed by the ag teacher that the information had already been disposed of.


Page 4

With that I searched the internet until I found the Premise ID sign up brochure presented to the 4-H and FFA members, the one that offered $15 per premise.         (show brochure)



I learned that the Premise ID was the first component of the NAIS.  The geographic location of all farms, ranches, feed yards, auctions barns, fairs and livestock exhibitions was necessary so authorities could locate animals.


I found that animals will be issued a unique AIN (Animal Identification Number) which will begin with 840, the US code, followed by a 12 digit animal number.


The third component was explained as Animal Tracking to locate individual animals.



Three questions in the Q & A segment of the brochure stood out to me:


The first Will NAIS become mandatory in 2009?”

I found the answer rather vague:


“USDA has set 2009 as a benchmark for 100% voluntary premise registration.  However, the current voluntary status allows the USDA, producers and industry stakeholders to work together in continuing to develop the NAIS program.” 


Any one as confused by that as I am?



The second question was:

“Will NAIS require animal movements to be reported to a government database?”


“No, NAIS is voluntary.  When and if reporting animal movement becomes mandatory is not known.  The USDA has approved PRIVATELY HELD data systems to house animal movement information.”   


OK, so the government isn’t going to track animals but they are handing it over to private companies……..



The third question asked

“Why register my premises now?


to……”protect your animals, increase consumer confidence in the nation’s food supply, help producers better connect to the global marketplace and”  (are you ready for this?)




Page 5


Receiving this little white card has made our family fully aware of the dangers of the NAIS……                                                                                 (show card)


Here is our daughter’s name, address and location, now part of a worldwide database ……


And we have no control over when, where or how it is used……..


Government authorities who deal with animals ought to know better than to put our offspring in that kind of danger.


Oklahoma MUST NOT let NAIS become a mandatory program in our state……



It is essential for the Oklahoma state legislature to hear AND PASS  Amended House Bill 1842…..


 make premise id and animal identification voluntary or eliminate it completely.



after all……..

Even the Federal government admits that the program will work at the voluntary level……….



I am an Extension Agent in Texas.  I am against NAIS-- I have even pulled my kids from 4-H because of the tagging of animals at the shows as part of a pilot project.  I am not over Ag or 4-H in my job. My Ag agent and myself have clashed several times over this topic.

I have informed my friends and family using USDA and TAHC documents..   When a reporter friend wrote a story about NAIS with some very negative headlines and highlights from the TAHC documents-- There was backlash.   I was told by my boss in no uncertain terms to "cease and decist".  My actions had made it to the President of the University and "we were not sure what would come of it."  Remember , Extension and TAMU get lots of money from ag industries.   My little opperation was " of no consequence" to the National issue.

As the sole support of my family-- I did have to choose between active participation and my job.  Sad to choose.  I worked 40 years to get my little spot of land and am about to lose it to NAIS.  So now I have to research and give info to a few vocal friends.

Thus,  not all Agents are for it.  Some are-- but those of us who are not-- have gag orders.   Sooo 4-H leaders-- Please speak up!!  YOU can tell the 4-H Council your opinion.  Speak to the Fair and Show circuit boards.  If you have to-- boycot the shows. Call you Extension office, The District Director and on up.   My daughter wrote a letter about her feelings about loss of her show animals -- I copied it and mailed it to my elected officials. Your kids can do the same.  What a project to research the cost of NAIS to 4-H  and eventual impact of financial loss to related businesses.


I am speaking only for myself and my different comment, but I was meaning *only in the minds of the people trying to USE children to promote NAIS as though it is an absolute.*  From the narrative about the meeting, it
is clear NAIS was not presented as voluntary, only as something the kids have No choice about because they are raising food for the "government herd."

I LOVE 4-H.  I was a member for many years, and I became an advisor as soon as I was old enough.  I *deeply* resent the abuse of the program by political toadies.  I am angry that they see CHILDREN as a political tool.
I am angry that they have no respect for the advisors and youth leaders in trying to infect them with propaganda.  THAT is the Nazi-like behavior, not the 4-Hers but what these jerks are trying to do to 4-H.

The pro-NAIS propagandists are the ones who owe an apology for their nasty infiltration tactics.

As a 4-H leader in my state and parent volunteer (I do not work for the Extensions Office) I can tell you that not all the 4-H staff are eager for this program to be implemented. Many are very much against it, but are not permitted to speak openly against it, as most of the states Extensions Programs are on the bandwagon with the USDA (although not controlled by it.) So please don’t take this out on your local Extensions Agent, he or she may not be for the progam. Do fight it, educate your neighbors, write your legislators and newspapers, let people know what is going on. If we all sit quietly hoping it won’t happen, we’re all going to get run over by this train…

Spoken like someone who hasn't got children with their heart set on
Showing at the fair.
No I have a kid and this is not against showing but that the government will use this to further their agenda. Yes my daughter was to show in 4-H at the county fair.  But this year I have removed her from the 4-H. Due to NAIS. But being a parent there are lots of other things to keep a kid interested in the farm. I.e. Camping trips with the horses rather than showing.  Going to auctions, visiting others who have farms and learn how they do things. Even going out to let people know about NAIS is a adventure. After all how many kids show. How many of them have their animals at home. This issue will force some of those who don't want NAIS against their own families. If "and yes she said that we would automatically be issued a premise ID#. 
She has to make up her mind will she show.  If she shows she is issued a premiss id. One more for USDA. After all what is more important horse shows or anti-NAIS it is a choice you have to make. Don't try for sympathy he I made the choice and Hell or high water I'm sticking with it. It is  hard to go against the system. With that choice comes giving up some of the things you have enjoyed.  Even kids should know why you make a choice. Even kids will under stand. Mine knows about NAIS she is ok about not showing this year. She loves the horses,cows, llama, chickens, geese, and pigs enough she doesn't need to show to enjoy them. Winning is not a requirement to animal owning.  She knows this will change the farm.  I am lucky she is old enough to look up NAIS and she is old enough to know this will be a issue that will affect the way we live.  I plan on doing what I'm doing as long as I can and after I cant I will just live off of the farm until they put me away. I will not allow myself to be a pawn in this game I made my choice and will not complain or feel sorry for myself due to my choice.  
The next thing will be a requirement to tag your animal in order to show. Then a requirement to show you keep a record of your travels.  Guess what USDA just got the NAIS up and running. Painlessly just by parents who want their kids to show.  I'm not going to fall for that. I have a choice. In taking my choice I plan on a fight..  But for me showing is not everything. I plan on doing what it takes to show my choice.  This issue is way bigger then my need to have ribbons on my mantel or to show off what I grow.  If you go with blinders on you will be part of the problem. 
To fight means losing. If you are not willing to lose don't bother to fight you just give false hope if you cave in when we really need you.
This may seem cruel but to me to lose my farm because others want to show. Sorry no comparison. Go show enjoy yourself 5 yrs Down the line don't complain about having to tag and the cost of keeping animals or even buying meat. At least then I know I gave my all for the fight when I am confined to my farm because the animals are not tagged. Sooner or later It will be illegal to raise your own food.

"My daughter-in-law's little sister is a senior in High School this year and a long time member of FFA.   She called me a couple of weeks ago to see if I would mind if she came out, she has Premises ID forms (from FFA) and for every farm that the kids can sign up... the STATE of NEBRASKA will give the FFA program $20!"

An excerpt:

"An added bonus for taking part in the NAIS is a $15 incentive that will be
provided to the Oklahoma youth programs with $10 going to the 4-H county or
FFA chapter and $5 going to either the 4-H Foundation or the FFA Foundation
for youth livestock program support. The ODAFF will provide the incentive
for the first 6,000 premises registered before Dec. 31. Registration must be
on the youth incentive forms in order to receive the incentive, not online
forms or standard forms from ODAFF."

"Voluntary at the Federal level" but let's give the states US Taxpayer Money
so they can pay the children to implement our program!

Dr. Kress, 
I am very disappointed to hear that 4H is supporting the USDA in their  plans to implement the National Animal Identification Program. 

What a  shame this is for the thousands of children learning, caring for and
raising animals in 4H programs throughout the country.  I cannot comprehend how 4H can fail to see the ramifications of this program to these children.  Thousands will end up having to quit the projects, as their families will either be unable financially, practically, religiously or morally to meet the demands of system.  
My own children are involved in our local 4H program.  We have been  for several years.  We raise goats, chickens and have several  horses. The idea of the cost that this will mean to us, in addition to high feed prices and vet costs, that we maintain in order to give our children this experience, is frightening.  Not to mention the time taken by having to inform the government every time we go to a show,  meeting with our animals or anything else that occurs in the life our  animal, is time taken away from much more important things, such as
raising and schooling my children, caring for our animals and caring for our family.  Also, the notion of the enormous fines that could be levied against us is we forget, is ridiculous. 
This system will create unintentional criminals out of God-fearing, honest citizens.  This is our country; we are supposed to have certain inalienable rights; life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness……where did that
Family is our life; the animals are our liberty and also our pursuit of happiness.  We are trying to teach our children, through 4H, to  build a better world, be more conscientious stewards of this world,  not to tear it down. 
The NAIS is something that should go against everything that we want our children to gain from 4H.  It is such a shame that so many of  the breed associations and service groups are buying into this fear mongering.  We have trace back availability though the Scrapies program, health certifications we need, sales records and registries and all that without having to invade good citizens privacy or bankrupting the small family farm in the process.  I, personally, do not want my child to grow up thinking he needs to turn in his best
friend's family because they refused, for moral reasons, to register their premises.  I don't want to be labeled as radical and dangerous because I refuse to go along with the system.  I do not want satellites looking down on our farm and strangers in some far off building watching my children play outside via satellite.  Why is  this not termed stalking?  I don't like the feeling that I need to watch what I say (or type over the internet for that matter) for fear that I  may be labeled extreme or dangerous.  I think that the path our government is leading us on is a dangerous one……I suggest that  anyone  who favors NAIS or RealID should sit down and read Revelations and see  if they see any similarities.  
I would think that someone in your position would be able to  understand that the small family farm is not where we need fear large outbreaks of disease.  One cow or a small herd of goats is far more  valuable to the small farmer, than the expendable thousands of cows at  a large factory farm.  The small farmer will be the one who watches  them carefully and monitors and treats any change in their
There is no personal connection in factory farming.  The truly organic produce that we grow in our garden or field is nurtured lovingly to bring it to its full potential.  Again, we have a  personal connection with what we produce, it is what sustains us.  That is true  animal husbandry and agriculture, the way it has been for thousands of  years.  What they are trying to sell us on now is far from those  revered roots.  
One more thing I think that we should all remember is that just because we have the ability to create all these new methods and technologies, does not give us the right to use them.  There were no mistakes made in this world when it was created.  Who are we to think we can improve on any of them.  These programs being forced upon us  takes me back to a quote from the foundation of our country. "Taxation  without Representation", seems as this is time for a new
one, "Privacy  Invasion without Permission", or perhaps, "Loss of Freedom without  Choice".  The former should remind of us other eras in the world's
history.  It is a scary time for humanity and for this world and I grieve for all that we already lost and are about to lose.  
As for our continued participation in your organization, that is uncertain at present.  At this time my children benefit from the programs they are involved in, however, if at re-enrollment time I see  a group or seminar or literature about the pros and benefits of the National Animal Identification System or someone starts pushing information on my children about this, I will remove them.  My
children are home schooled for the reason that I don't want liberal views of what they should accept forced upon them in our public schools, and if the time comes, my children will be home schooled in animal husbandry and agriculture as well.  However, they will miss out on the camaraderie of 4H.  
I know your funding comes through USDA and you are forced to "tow  the party line" on issues such as this.  However, someone needs to stand up for the future of our children and of our world.  Shame on this country and shame on 4H. 



 Click here http://www.newswithviews.com/Morrison/joyce35.htm

Watch the strategy as you read the following:

NAIS and 4-H

Are you a pioneer or s Settler?

The controversial NAIS program was introduced this past weekend to a leadership group of 4-H children and adults who assembled for the first time, being only the second presentation in the Washington State 4-H program thus far. The sizzling message encouraged them to comply with NAIS regulations.  Jerry Newman, WSU Extension 4-H Meat Specialist, prefaced his presentation in advance with warning remarks that what we would hear would not be a pleasant topic, but that he would help us work through our issues. With this caveat he jumped cautiously into his ruffling topic.

“The animal market is changing day to day.”   Traditional methods of farming are in the past.  We can either be a settler, staying in one spot refusing to move, or, we can be a pioneer.  A pioneer’s life is one on the move with an adventure at every corner.  Which will you be?

Mr. Newman then proceeded to explain that when we raise a meat animal we transfer our animal(s) from being pets to a commercial operation(s), even for one creature.   

The goal of 4-H is to produce a high-quality animal adhering to safe husbandry techniques.  We have a responsibility to raise quality animals, humanely, for our consumers, “who know that quality care affects production”.

We were informed, “Tyson and Wal-Mart are demanding what type of meat is sold to consumers. USDA has set the standards but Tyson and Wal-Mart dictate the standards.”  They are asking for uniformity of meat with fewer residues, and our youth can make that happen.

How large is the commercial market for youth production?  In Washington State, youth yield 1% of beef, 15-17% of hogs, and 14% of sheep which will go into the food chain.  That is why it is so important to provide our youth with Quality Assurance Training so people will purchase their product over another’s, because they know you provide an excellent product.  One might ask who formulated the Quality Assurance Program?

We found it interesting that since 2001 it has been legal for feed companies to market to our kids.  If they buy a certain food, and they place high in show, then the youth gets a kick-back from the feed company.  (Kick-backs start young these days providing a foundation for a lifetime in which to practice these ethics.)

Two years ago legislation known as COOL (Country of Origin Labeling) was passed so that consumers could determine where their meat was coming from.  For instance, right now your hamburger could be mixed with meat from South America.

Participants in 4-H who show animals at fair or other animal competitions must fill out a Health Record on their animals which will soon need to be revised due to a program called NAIS (National Animal Identification System).  They will be adding the Premise ID on the farm data and submit that information to the NAIS database.  Animal Identification will also be added to the form.

Two poultry shows in Washington were cancelled this spring due to the concern over Bird Flu.  This would not happen if NAIS regulations were in effect because any diseased animals could be traced back to their place of origin restoring public confidence.

4-H members have a responsibility to follow federal law. There was some discussion on opposing views to NAIS.  But opposition met with a stern, “it’s the law”.  Another part of responsibility is that each 4-H advisor must teach their youth proper record-keeping methods concluding NAIS would be a good record-keeping project.  Each person in attendance was provided with a Premise ID Application and a sample in how to properly fill it out.  The agenda had called for a workshop session in filling out the Premise ID Application although this group did not follow tightly to the schedule.

There is the bigger issue is that of bio-security.  “One steer can end up in 100 different locations in less than 24 hours which is one reason NAIS is needed,” according to WSU animal science program officials.

What happens when 2 premises or more are involved in the raising of animals?  “Well, the WSDA just doesn’t know the answer to that question,” stated Jerry Newman.  It is being discussed that you can freely move animals within a 50 mile diameter but we were not offered any written documentation to that effect.  Fairgrounds are beginning to sign up for NAIS and partake of the Premise ID as of this year.  Kitsap County is among the first in Washington State.

“If your 4-H program has a GPS (Global Positioning Satellite) project this would also be a great project for them and could be a fund-raiser too. Commercial GPS is now down to 3 feet,” responded one of the attendees.

There was some resistance by 4-H leaders to the requirement that a youth should be issued a Premise ID if he was only going to keep, say a lamb, 3 months.

Jerry Newman firmly stated “there are no provisions in the federal law for any exceptions”.

Horse people beware. The 1918 pandemic flu supposedly came from the Avian Flu which jumped species. So, whether poultry, horse, cow~ NAIS is headed your way.

Local 4-H leaders were intrigued with the idea of “county extensions managing the NAIS program”.  Local 4-H programs will not enforce NAIS but only be the information gathering vehicle. 

An emphasis on ethics was discussed throughout the meeting although in the end it was concluded that following federal regulation and their partnership in commercial enterprises, such as Wal-Mart and Tyson, should dictate the standards to which our 4-H youth should adhere for a quality product.

In Germany, they were called Hitler's Youth, and in the former USSR they were called Young Pioneers.

Isn't this how it usually starts - by appealing to the idealism and patriotism of the youth who can't see the bigger picture?

Enter supporting content here

Premises Registration will be an "Official" USDA unique seven Character identifier.
In the New User Guide it states on Page 22:
The premises identification number (PIN) is assigned permanently to a geophysical location. If an owner or entity sells his/her farm, the next operators of the premises use the original premises identification number that had been
assigned to that location. If the seller buys a new location to build a new operation that never had livestock, he/she would register that location and obtain a new premises identification number (PIN).

Premises Identification = Encumbrance

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                                    of the Read the Bills Act Coalition

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