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Tulsa is a mare who has been done by a professional  ever since the owner puchased her.  We are neighbors, my daughter in-law and we ride together. On one of our rides  I asked if her mare was limping and she said yes and has been gimpy for awhile, after our ride I fitted her mare with Jerrys boots and the mare rode off much better.  A pair of boots and pads were ordered and the mare has been ridden in them for the rest of our summer. 

When I fitted the boots I asked her if I could trim off the flares, and roll her toes, I pointed out the rings on all 4 feet, about the cornet band, and stated that I would be very concerned about them. They were soft and swollen.   All 4 feet were off balance and flairs visably noted. Shortly after I began trimming her.


This picture is prior to me ever touching the mare. Notice the unbalanced hoof, flares and the soft swelling above the cornet band. 




10-17-06 before trim

I decided to take pictures before the trim on Tulsa to note that all the soft  swelling went away from the prior 4 week trim. Her feet maintained very good balance . Her toe's are long due to all the flairing, but will pull back with  4 week trims.   Frogs are in very good condition, no thrush noted. After this trim she was asked to walk and she exhibited a heel landing walk.


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