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Pete Ramey Clinic

Pete and Ivy Ramey came to Palmer, Alaska to hold the Pete Ramey Barefoot Clinic on July 22 and 23, 2006

Pete Ramey

Ivy Ramey

We had 22 people attend the clinic and a total of 6 horses were used for Demo's. What a truly exciting weekend we all had. Even the weather was good.
We had 2 people come from out of state, one from Washington and the other all the way from the other side of Canada.
In attendance was Dr. Wellington and Tom Hart-Farrier from Fairbanks. We had people from Delta Jct, Hope, Cantwell and of course our surrounding area.
This clinic was a true insperation to all that attended. We had 2 days of indoor clinic and at 4:00 the trimming on the demo horses were started. which lasted till 7:00.   
Comments from the attending people were:
'This is the best investment I made"
"This was the best clinic that I had ever attended for the money"
"Thank you for holding this clinic , it was an eye opener"
"Thank you for HOSTING the Pete Ramey Clinic.   You initiated and provided a wonderful learning opportunity to Alaska's equine community.   Your efforts are appreciated."
Now for the pictures

Tom Hart-Farrier- Fairbanks

Pete and Dr. Wellington

Just some of the participants, what a great group!

More participants

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