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Barefoot Case Example-Mare

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Barefoot Case Example-Mare
Pete Ramey Clinic

This mare was purchased  with these feet! The new owners are new to the horse world and want to do right . Her angles are way off and the long walls are creating pain every step she takes. Can you imagine the force that is being applied. EVERY step results in tearing . The  assessement on her: Long walls, Flat feet and Separation at the toe area on both front feet. When I started to clean up the feet I noticed old blood on the toe wall area. Her whole body was tight. She had a hard time giving her feet but in time she will heal.  Owners were instructed to walk the mare as boots were not available and a 4 week trim schedule was set up.
I would like to say this mare was not sore, but she WAS. When you have feet looking like this yes the horse will be SORE!!!!!  Due to not being trimmed for such  along time her muscles and tendons had to compensate for the long walls. It was reported that after I left , this mare ran hard for an hour, she  felt pretty good that her feet were not hurting. I'm very proud to say the new owners are doing a wonderful job  with her.

07--29-06 Before Trim

I can only imagine what discomfort this mare was experiencing with such long feet and angles so out of alignment.

Left Front Foot  07-29-06


Right front 07-29-06

Left Rear

Right and Left rear hooves  were long, no damage was noted, frogs and sole were good. A little filing and balancing and she was good to go!


Left Front after trim

Right Front hoof shows much more damage -as you can see an indentation alittle below the hair line. Her toe is also still long.  All of that hoof below that point needs to grow out to grow a well connected hoof. And only 4 week trims will do that. As the hoof grows out all the FLAIR must be removed so there is no pressure on the ground. Once the pressure resumes then the tearing will start all over and you are again having to start the healing process.  Her left foot looks good. Her heels were balanced but not removed on this trim, Bars tapered to the apex of the frog. Her frogs were in remakable condition. I applied a good roll on her fronts to avoid pressure. In time and with lots of movement this mare will gain concativity. Of course I did  not take after trim sole shots, her feet were nice and round and in time she will have  natural balanced feet.

10-28-06 After trim

On this trim  it was 8 weeks before I saw this mare again, due to her consant movement and the rocky ground she is on, she maintained her own trim. Just a touch up and a roll and she is doing great, Her flares are growing out  and she is feeling so much better.