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Barefoot Case Examples- Jerry

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Barefoot Case Examples- Jerry
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Pete Ramey Clinic

Jerry  was a candidate at  the Pete Ramey Clinic , When I purchased Jerry he had horrible feet, contracted, no frogs, and was very ouchy on gravel.
When Pete saw him he said, Gisela you are doing a great job I can only do a slight maintenance trim. I explained to Pete that  Jerry was very ouchy on gravel and he suggested to grow alittle more heal, I asked him about his digital cushions and he said they were very soft. The reason for the sofness is the toe landing he has been doing all these years. The hoof was designed to land heal first , very much like us when we walk!
After the trim we took Jerry down on gravel and he short strided and grimped, Pete then fitted Jerry wiith boots and pads and Jerry showed a longer stride and no gimp. The boots and pads were a life saver for Jerry.
I made a promise to myself that I would ride him no less then 3 times a week with boots  and pads I wanted to see if the foot really changed and it did!  The first thing I noted was his pads  had holes in the heel area after 2 1/2 months , that meant he was heel landing in the boots.
Ever since I owned  Jerry he always  toe walked first, Here is his picture that I have been waiting for of his heel landing, notice the air under his toe.  His sole has taken on a new look. His frog still needs to expand and grow, he is on his way to a healthier foot.

10-10-06 before trim

Jerry's foot in decontraction mode. Note the roundness in the back of the hoof

10-10-06 before trim

What I sight to see!!!!!! Air under his toes

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