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Barefoot Case Example-Sully

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Barefoot Case Example-Sully
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I was asked to come out and see this horse, his last visit by a professional trimmer was 01-11-06, I was shocked to see the condition of his feet, not only  were his feet hurting, his joints were swollen and muscles extremley tight.
As you can see his toes were long, the whole hoof was narrow and his angles were off.

This picture  dated 03-07-06 is of the left front sole, as you can see the foot is long, contracted heels, no frogs, high heels, a very deep central sulcus, white line separation, Right and left bars are leaning. Note the curvature on his out side heel.


This picture of the left front sole is the most amazing transformation and it took 4 months to see this wonderful change. Notice how rounder the hoof got, See the shorter toe,  Decontraction  of the heels,  he has heel bulbs, outside wall at the heel straighten up along with the bars. The central sulcus is healing up and the frog will come around with movement. At no time was this sole carved out!

The owner has promised to walk him, the more movement the faster the heeling will be from now on.


From long toes  to round feet, on previous trims he had  a hard time standing, He hurt all over, but on 03-07-06 he feel asleep while I trimmed.
Sully is half way home now and I would say that in the next 4 months this boy  will be very happy with his new hooves.


10-28-06, what a transformation on this hoof. The hoof wall is thicker and rounder, the wall cracks are finally at the last stage of growing out. 

View the online slide show on the "Transformation of Sully!