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LIVESTOCK OWNER ALERT (USA only which includes Alaska) The NAIS (National Animal Identification System) will require every farm animal, including your backyard horse, chickens, llama, goat, etc. to be electronically marked by the government and you will have to report all movements off the farm (trail rides, shows, etc)

GET your barn friends, trail club, hunt club, 4-H club, local horse council, neighbors with chickens, etc. onto this. You can do a meeting to educate yourselves with NoNAIS materials, then  go together to your state representatives and senators (this is being pushed through at the state level) and let them know you're against NAIS! Use your own job skills and call on the professional skills of your friends -- this is a farm-by-farm inroad on Constitutional rights and our local food supply.


If you do not believe the above statement here is the  actual documents from the USDA for further reading.

I have the copy of the State Cop-op Agreement with APHIS/NAIS and yes Alaska will be implementing the NAIS.  The NAIS is of no benefit for the livestock owner, It is not an automatic calling device to your vet incase of disease. You will still have to call the vet and the vet will still report to higher ups once the disease is confirmed. So why pay for a govt service just to report a trail ride, or any other off and on your  property, or the slaughter of your table food. Your animals are your personal property, once this is mandatory expect down the road to pay property tax on them. Expect to pay more if you board your horse for the inconvience the barn owner will have by reporting all your off and off the property.
Do something now while you still have the chance once this becomes LAW you will not be able to fight it.  Voice your sentiments on the 2007 Farm Bill, they are taking feed back untill Dec 31, 2006.  
The USDA  is also  launching a  NAIS propaganda campaign  with new brochures, when reading pay attention to the words and the flip flopping statements. That is why it is imperative to read the Draft Plan and Tec doc issued by the USDA.
A Guide for the Small Scale or Non Commercial  Producers
the Guide will clearly show they don't understand what co-mingling,
Alaska Discussion Group-Kept up to date for important articles, USDA Articles, What Alaska Senators are saying about NAIS and more.
Where to write to voice you opinion on NAIS
WWW. downsizedc.org